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              Recalling MC3’s Reunion Weekend in Brooklyn …

Over the years MC3 has alternated its meeting venues so that every other year we would
convene in New York to coincide with the Oxford biannual events.  In the alternate years we
have journeyed widely from Washington DC to Los Angeles, from Philadelphia to Toronto,
from Chicago to Boston.  Since our celebration of Merton’s 750th birthday took place in New
York with much fanfare, we were due to move west in 2015. As we began our discussions of
exactly where we would move, our esteemed Vice President, Dean Nicholas Allard, intervened
to propose an eastward move to Brooklyn. Saner heads pointed out that Brooklyn was simply
one of New York City’s five boroughs.

Allard pressed on with historical arguments about Brooklyn’s separate existence in the
1800’s; its population if it were a separate city making it the fourth largest in the United States;
its unique architecture; its museums and theaters; its food scene; and of course its status as the
home of Brooklyn Law School. The MC3 Board was overwhelmed if not by the merits of the
argument by the sheer force of the Dean’s delivery.  By a unanimous vote, Brooklyn was
chosen as the 2015 meeting venue and Nick and Marla Allard were designated as hosts.

By the conclusion of our three day meeting we were all thankful that the Dean had prevailed.
We hope you enjoy the photographs of the weekend by accessing the link below.  

Looking forward to 2016 in Washington DC …

The next annual MC3 weekend will take place in Washington, DC on Friday, April 8 to Sunday
April 10, 2016 to coincide with the Oxford University Reunion, which has moved its events
from New York to DC.

More details and booking information will follow nearer to the event. The MC3 mailing and
invitation to the weekend will go out the last week of February, so please update your contact
information at in order to receive your invitation on a timely

See Photos:

MC3 Brooklyn Reunion 2015    
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